Fertilization report is in.

I had 18 eggs. 11 of those were mature. Of those 11, 6 fertilized and are (please God) healthfully dividing on their merry little way.

I’m sort of bummed, honestly. I did hope that more eggs = more embryos, but we are actually starting out with one fewer than cycle #1. Again, whatever happens will happen, but I am not doing this shit again, and DH agrees. 

Such an awful little experiment, this IVF. Unless it works. Then I bet it’s spectacular. 


We made some embryos!

So 12 eggs yesterday.

I finally got the call around 2 today.

9 mature. 7 fertilized. Come on, little Ks! We are a super-fun family!

I kind of thought the take-a-lot-of-drugs part of our program was finished, but no. Today I will take:

– my prenatal x1

– Estrogen (pill) x2

– antibiotic (pill) x2

– progesterone (vaginal suppository WHAT THE HELL YUCK) x3 … and I have 13 boxes of that, each box being a week’s supply, meaning I’ll be on that through the first trimester if I get pregnant. Oh please let me have to do yucky things to myself for 13 weeks.

Transfer will be either Sunday or Tuesday. I’ll know more tomorrow. Time to go pray for my little Ks.